Assessing Your Homes Structural Integrity

Rain rain go away, come again another day.

Unless you live in the Sahara desert, you are far too familiar with heavy rains and possibly even flooding episodes which not only wreak havoc on your property, it also damages the inside of your home.

Most parts of the United States of America do not have well draining soil and this causes many problems in the event of heavy raining or flooding. Soil that drains poorly, has clay components, or is very rocky or has high shale content will likely have poor draining capabilities. When mother nature lets loose and pours the water table rises and overflows causing poor draining and pooling of water. Most times, the sediment and soil begins to shift and can start to give. This results in landslides in dramatic cases, and in less severe cases can only shift small amounts. These small shifts can cause bowing and cracking of your homes foundation.

The foundation is the structural integrity and support frame for your entire home. If your foundation has shifted it will likely crack and the entire home may move several inches to in more severe cases, a foot or so. Land can wash away from beneath the foundation and the ground may crumble from high pressure areas. This is not only dangerous but also very costly and unsightly. Water may enter the home or pests may have an entryway into the house.

It is important that your new home have a proper home inspection completed by a licensed or certified technician to ensure your home has none of the aforementioned damages. Save yourself the headache from learning down the road that your home has an improper inspection where important information was not shared with you prior to your homes purchase.

Like previously stated, the foundation of the home is the basic framework of your home. Once a homes foundation is damaged, cracked, or shifted, it can be very costly to attempt to remedy and fix the problem. The land may need to be graded or a retaining wall may need to be installed to prevent future damages from occurring due to water damage.

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